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552w Full Spectrum Cob Grow Light For Indoor Medical Plants Garden Greenhouse Grow System

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name Forest Grower
Certification CE/FCC/ROHS/EMC/LVD
Model Number APL-COB-PRO
Minimum Order Quantity 10
Price USD10-100/PC
Packaging Details Neutral package
Payment Terms MoneyGram, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability 5000pcs/month
Product Details
Material Aluminum Heat Sink+metal Case Dimension 19.685'' LX 17.716'' W X 3.346''H (500x450x85mm)
Working Frequency 50-60hZ Coverage Area 5.9X4.94 Feet For Bloom/flowering
Coverage Area For VEG 6.92X4.92feet For Vegetative Power 552w
Actual Power Draw 330w ± 3% Packing Size 625*525*150mm/1pc
Product Design Cob Design Dimmable NO
High Light

led plant grow lights


cob grow light heatsink

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Product Description

Forest Grower® 552w cob light with full spectrum for indoor medical plants garden greenhouse grow system control for Veg flowering led grow lights 



Product description


Welcome to Forest Grower - COB PRO Series 3 Switchable control 552W LED Grow Light.

- Newly upgraded full spectrum replaces the generic spectrum of our classic series. Applies to almost all plants growth, specifically designed for medical plants. It is High Lumens, High yields, Low heat.

- Forest Grower spectrum has been developed by indoor growers over many years of careful experimentation and testing.

- Scientifically engineered to keep the balance with high Lumen and suitable Coverage. This design will not far too concentrated in the middle of the growing area which results in stunted plant growth and sunburning





Model No. APL-COB-PRO552w Dimension 500*450*85mm               LED design COB
LED Qty 8 COBS Power 552w Actual Power draw 330w ± 3%
LED Module 4COBS +4 WHITE COB  Input voltage 85-240v Out voltage 40-55v
cob integrated QTY 36leds 3w per cluster  working current    550-600mA working Frequency 50-63hZ
White COB  30W COB  lifespan >50,000-100,000HOURS Warranty 2-3 Limited Years
LED Brand 





Package dimension 520*515*155mm/1pc Volume weight 8.2KG/PC(18.07lbs)
THD <15 Coverage Area 5.9X4.94 Feet(180X150CM) for Bloom/flowering Power Factor >0.95
Packing list

1- Led grow light ,

1- Power cord ,1- Hanging kit

1- Instruction 

Core coverage 6.92X4.92feet (210X150CM)for Vegetative

Color Spectrum

Full Spectrum 











Certification CE/ RoHS/FCC Compliant. LED Angle 90/120° are available Replaces 250-400watt HPS/MH



Available power : 

552W   ,524W,456W, 792W , 888W  (COB Design : 28LEDS 3W |36LEDS 3W |56LEDS 3W|64LEDS 3W )Per cluster.


Full Spectrum COB 36LEDS 3w 45Mil LEDs chip(730nm,665nm,660nm,630nm,610nm,465nm,460nm,430nm,425nm,415nm ,white) .



Product description


Welcome to Forest Grower- COB PRO Newest Version  3 Modes -3 Switchable control LED Grow Light.

- Newly upgraded full spectrum replaces the generic spectrum of our classic series. Applies to almost all plants growth, specifically designed for medical plants. It is High Lumens, High yields, Low heat.

- Aladdin Lighting has been developed by indoor growers over many years of careful experimentation and testing.

- Scientifically engineered to keep the balance with high Lumen and suitable Coverage. This design will not far too concentrated in the middle of the growing area which results in stunted plant growth and sunburning



1.Cree/OSRAM/Bridgelux Top Bin COB .

2.Full spetrum :COB+wavelength 400nm -740nm for indoor plants,customized color spectrum is available.

3. High PAR value &PPFD !

4.90° ,120° reflector wide coverage and high PAR optional for customer

5.The most uniform light illumination.

6.High thermal conductivity of sunflower heat sink design.

7.Modular design,no after-sale cost,easy to disassembly and assembly.

8.Almost no heat.

9.Daisy-chain function(Power link)

10.High intensity design.

11.IP42 Rating design.

12. 100,000hours long lifespan design.

13. 3 year warranty.


Feature summary


--- 25LEDs 5w Per Cluster
--- Update One Power Supplies and heat sink to control one 125w cluster

--- Aluminum heat sinks in our power supplies
--- Switchable control for VEG & Bloom stage separately.

--- High Intensity Top Bin 5 LED Diodes

--- Superior Double Lens Mould
--- Constant drivers
--- Independent Clusters
--- Near Silent Fans
--- No Glass or glue
--- Aluminium PCB
--- Solid simple wiring
--- Surge Protection

---45Mil Red+42Mil are the largest Chip size in the world .


  • Seeding/Vegetative/Bloom/harvest/Booster growing stage

  • Full Spectrum wavelengths design for full growth of plants.

  • Unlimited 24hours Timing & dimming control system to suit for different seasons and plants.

  • More than 50,000 Hours Lifespan.

  • 2.5-3.5 Times Energy saving compare HPS,MH,HID or other conventional lamps.

  • COB +20LEDs 3w Per Cluster.

  • Modular design,easy to assembly and disassembly.

  • Zero after-sale service cost.

  • No need to send the light anymore.

  • Plug and Play.

  • Multi-functionality.

  • Daisy-Chained function to connect lights together to save your grow space.

  • Yields-Making them up to 2-2.5times yields than traditional lamps.

  • Uniform illumination.

  • Shorten your growth cycle.

  • Almost no heat design.


Package includes:
1 x Swithcable control LED grow light
1 x 6ft -180cm long Power Cord
1 x Hanging Kits
1 x User Manual


2-3 years warranty:
Return and money back for buyers within 30 days.


LED Grow Light will increase 50% yield and save 1/2 growth cycle !

A lot of people worry about the kind of intensity that LED Grow lights can provide. Compared to HPS lights, the intensity is near even. What stands out is that LED Grow lights can’t compete when measured based on standards for these kinds of lights. LED lights, in tests, out perform HPS lights every time, even if they don't seem to actually produce a more intense light. When testing them, LED grow lights were able to produce an even yield and seem to show that future advances in the technology will help increase the yield even more, especially when compared to HPS grow lights.



COB Integrated Modular led grow light to achieve more uniform light distribution .


100% Modular Design .What is modular design?

Well modularity in LED Grow Lights basically mean that all the component parts are independent and easily removed and replaced.

The separate component parts we are talking about are:

1.LED Printed circuit Boards(PCB ).

2.Optical Lens.


4. Power supply



Below highest light efficacy design Cree COB for your plants growing.

We also use Citizen CLU048/ CREE CXA/CXB 3070/CREE CXA/CXB 3590/Bridgelux Vero 29.


cree led grow lights

air cooling system



Integrated hanging hook design .


integrated hook design


Switchable control for seeding/Clone/VEG/BLOOM Grow stage Separately.

switchable control led grow light

Reflective Cup Design

Using a 90 degree reflective cup design, Our COB LED Grow Light achieves a higher and uniform PAR and PPFD value by properly reflecting the best uniformity of available light.

By this way, none of the outputted energy is wasted. When growing with LEDs ,it's important to understand that certain PAR values are necessary for seeding,vegetative and flowering growth.

Modular design will make your understand our product design better and reduce your after-sale cost and increase your lifespan of lamp.

We mixed integrated full spectrum (12bands ) LEDs and COB White LEDs together to achieve the largest PPFD/W per customers' requirements.


reflective cup led grow light



High thermal conductivity Heat Sink design to extend the lifespan of the lamp ,meet the requirements of LM79 ,the product Tj value is low than 85 ℃,the light decay is less than 5% in 30,000hours .


*1070 Pure Aluminum,cold extruding sunflower heat sink.

*Coefficient of thermal conductivity is 226w/m.k .

*The Diameter of the heat sink is 120mm,thickness is 25mm .

If you are using HPS grow lights and have to constantly battle heat, cob led grow lights offer an incredible advantage. Rather than spending extra money circulating air and attempting to cool it enough to not burn your plants, LED lights can nearly touch your plants without harming them in any ways.

Of course, if you grow in cold weather, HPS lights might still be beneficial, although it might often be easier to simply heat the grow room, rather than run the risk of using HPS lighting systems. The heat output of LED grow lights might increase as they grow larger and larger, but the current kinds used by many growers are warm to the touch, with none of the burning heat that conventional grow lights offer.


forest grower cooling system


IP42 Rating Design

*Waterproof and Dustproof Design.

*To prevent insects from entering the lamp.

*Extend the lifespan of the lamp.



Yields ( 3 times Yields ,more effective )

COB LED grow lights have been tested on yield time and time again. Overall, most indoor growers that use HPS lights achieve a yield of 0.5 grams per watt. For comparison, LED grow lights usually achieve 1g to 1.5g per watt, making them up to 3times more effective. With each harvest, you will have three times the product that you would otherwise!


Warranty (3 times compare with others)


We cover a generous 3 year warranty. This is said to be a hassle free option that when your LED Grow Lights stop working unfortunately.

zero cost for you, but is only under normal use. Specifically, manufacturer defects, recalls, or unexpected failures are acceptable reasons for returning it within the first 24-36 months of ownership.


Lifespan (5 times compare with conventional lamps)


The average HPS setup lasts for around 10,000 hours. That is a long time when it comes to growing, but LED lights take it so much further. An LED light setup last for 50,000-100,000 hours. That works out to 10 YEARS of quality indoor growing that is cheaper, more efficient, and easier than ever.



Spectrum Test report .


spectral test report

How does the specific wavelength work for your plants?


how does the wavelength work for your plants

spectrum wavelength


Input Voltage: 100-240V AC Input voltage design ,50/60HZ working frequency ,suitable for golbal residential energy environment.   

input voltage

Low Temperature:Revolutionary thermal design to alleviate the internal thermal cycle,10-15℃ lower than its predecessors in performance.

low temperature


Safety: Our products apply advanced isolated power supply that conform to UL Standard output voltage needs' which are lower than 60VDC .

safety voltage


Bidirectional Cooling Technology,fans+copper free aluminum heat sink,Lower temperature ,higher lifespan.


Below is our 8025 or 9025 double-ball design DC 12V ultra-silence and high efficient cooling fans. 

We use ONE Fan+ONE heat sink for each Cluster to achieve a faster  wind circulation.


The Tc (Temperature of case ) is low than 55℃.  Fan dimension: 80x80x25mm . 

dc 12v fan

drawing of fans



We use 3w double 42mil  Red EPISTAR/EPILEDS which is the largest Chip size in the world to achieve the Peak PAR value and PPFD.  Larger led chips will have higher efficacy than small one.

3w led

led dimension


3W Spectrum test report as below . 

3w spectrum test report


Power cord for daisy-chain

Our integrating sphere to test our spectrum test report . 


integrating sphere


Typical questions asked about products:
- Is the item durable?
YES .  We cover  2-3 years free warranty and lifespan limited warranty .
- Is this item easy to use?
Yes . Please connect our power cord with your AC Plug per your country' needs.
- What are the dimensions of this item?
The dimension is 500*450*85mm .