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Agricultural Growing 600 Watt Led Grow Light Panel Kits Indoor Plants High Intensity

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name Forest Grower
Model Number C-PRO
Minimum Order Quantity 1pc
Price It depends on your quantity
Packaging Details neutral package
Delivery Time 5-10 working days
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 5000PCS/Week
Product Details
Lamp Power 600w LED Design Cob Led Grow Lights
LED Brand CREE / OSRAM / Lumileds / EPISTAR / EPILEDS Warranty 2-3 Years
Color Spectrum Full Spectrum 10-15 Bands Power Source AC
High Light

custom led grow lights


greenhouse led grow lights

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Product Description

600 Watt led grow lights panel kits for Agricultural growing and indoor plants




1.Cree/OSRAM/Bridgelux Top Bin COB .

2.Full spetrum :COB+wavelength 390nm -740nm for indoor plants,customized color spectrum is available.

3. High PAR value &PPFD !

4.90° ,120° reflector wide coverage and high PAR optional for customer

5.The most uniform light illumination.

6.High thermal conductivity of sunflower heat sink design.

7.Modular design,no after-sale cost,easy to disassembly and assembly.

8.Almost no heat.

9.Daisy-chain function(Power link)

10.High intensity design.

11.IP42 Rating design.

12. 100,000hours long lifespan design.

13. 3 year warranty.




1 Suitable for Hydroponics & Horticulture & greenhouse.
2 Can be used with fluorescent lights and sodium lamp, suitable for the vegetable shed and vertical botanic graden.
3 This type also can make the flower in blossom longer, so it can be used for the flower exhibition.


* Agricultural growing
* Horticultural indoor growing
*Cultivation / Propagation / tissue culture
*Scientific researching
*Indoor greenhouse
*hydroponic growing
*Artificial LED Grow Lighting
* Greenhouse LED Grow Lighting
* Hydroponics LED Grow Lighting
* Medical plants LED Grow Lighting


Specification Model Number C-PRO 
Lamp Power 600w
Actual power draw  370-380w±3% 
LED design 4PCS 30W White COB +40*3W * 4 Full Spectrum Cluster 
Product dimension 500*450*85mm
Package dimension  625*520*160mm 
Gross/volume weight


Wavelength 10-12bands (380-780nm) Full spectrum 
Growth stages  seedling/ VEG / Bloom
Input voltage AC 85-240V 
Lifespan  > 50,000 hours 
Working temperature –20 ºC to 60 ºC (–4 ºF to140 ºF)
Beam Angle  90 , 120º are available 


Brand Forest Grower
Product name COB led grow lights
Working current  550-630mA 
Lamp material Metal case +6063 Copper-free Aluminum 
LED Chips per Cluster/module 30W White COB + 120W Integrated COB Full spectrum 
IS Dimmable  NO

Advantages of Our Patented COB LED Grow Lights

1.Increasing 30%-45% increase in the yield comparing to traditional lamps ( According to our customer feedback in past 6years experiences ).
2.Patented unique design of reflective cup for higher light-gathering effect !
3.We hold core technology of integrated COB, ensuring superior quality and strong stability.
4.The isolated power source will cut the too strong current and protect the chips.
5.Unique sunflower radiator + high quality fans,effectively improves the heat-sinking effect.
6.Unique Power-Link function,more easier to use and reduce much labor cost.
7.Zero Maintenance Cost, Hassle-free Warranty.
8.After continual testing and upgrading, we finally find the best spectrum and color ratio for the plants.

Product Features& pictures

UL &TUV &CB ,CE,FCC,ROHS Approved cooling fans , power supply & power cord ,cables to satisfied the safety standard of different countries .
Fans design  12025 ultra-silence and cooling design fans
Full Spectrum

10-15bands full spectrum design to achieve the most uniform light distribution and footprint for optimal performance .

Patented Reflective Cup design 

High light transmittance reflective cup design to a better light efficient and illumination flux .


COB Integrated Modular led grow light to achieve more uniform light footprint .


100% Modular Design .What is modular design?Well modularity in LED Grow Lights basically mean that all the component parts are independent and easily removed and replaced. The separate component parts we are talking about are:

1.LED Printed circuit Boards(PCB ).

2.Optical Lens.


4. Power supply

Agricultural Growing 600 Watt Led Grow Light Panel Kits Indoor Plants High Intensity 0



Below highest light efficacy design Cree COB for your plants growing.We also use Citizen CLU048/ CREE CXA/CXB 3070/CREE CXA/CXB 3590/Bridgelux Vero 29.

Agricultural Growing 600 Watt Led Grow Light Panel Kits Indoor Plants High Intensity 1


Heat Dissipation Technoloy.

Agricultural Growing 600 Watt Led Grow Light Panel Kits Indoor Plants High Intensity 2


Integrated hanging hook design.


Agricultural Growing 600 Watt Led Grow Light Panel Kits Indoor Plants High Intensity 3



Agricultural Growing 600 Watt Led Grow Light Panel Kits Indoor Plants High Intensity 4


Switchable control for White COB / VEG / Bloom stage separately . 

Agricultural Growing 600 Watt Led Grow Light Panel Kits Indoor Plants High Intensity 5




Suggestion distance :
60-120cm distance above your plants . 
for some special plants , you can put it above 45cm only . 

All suggestion only for your reference . 
Coverage area for different growth stages 

Growth/ seedling / VEG Stage 300cm X210 cm
Bloom /flowering  220cm x150cm 

Package Includes:


1pc  LED Grow Lights fixture
1pc  Hanging Kit
1pc 6feet 180cm long UL Power Cord
1pc Exclusive Instructions



Please Note:
- Extremely bright, do not stare directly into LEDs when they are working. LED grow light glasses advised.
- Working UV&IR LEDs are dim or unlit.
- Indoor use only, no water-proof.



Warranty :

3 year warranty


Why and How Chip-on-Board (COB) LEDs Reduce Cost and Save Energy in Lighting Designs


LEDs compete with traditional lighting sources in a number of ways, including greater energy efficiency, longer lifetime, and smaller size.


However, the one drawback that has vexed many lighting designers is cost, which is a key reason why LED manufacturers continue to innovate to improve economies of scale. One of the newest packaging solutions designed to help lower costs is chip-on-board (COB) light source modules, in which the LED chips are in the form of a semiconductor chip that is neither encased nor connected but directly mounted onto a PCB or, more generally, a substrate. This packaging style also provides several related benefits, such as greater design flexibility, better light distribution, and simpler manufacturing processes.



There are other reasons why designers will want to seriously consider COB LEDs for their next design. In a recent report offered by Research and Markets, analysts note that COB LEDs, which are wide-area light emitters (so they also can be used in highway and streetlights), deliver three major benefits: better color mixing, better lighting effect, and low thermal resistance requirements. In addition, because these COB LEDs provide higher power density, more efficient heat dissipation, and require a smaller portion of the board space, they are very suitable for a variety of general lighting applications, according to the firm’s analysts.



Does this light emit much heat?


1- LEDs are the most efficient lights nowadays; they produce so little heat that you can actually let the plant touch the light (although it's not recommended - as you will reduce the size of your growing area). Any heat produced by the unit is absorbed by the heat sink and dissipated by the fans in the rear of the light.
2-Unlike some LED grow light with poor design of heat sinking, the maximum heat generated by our LED grow light is less than 45 degree, much less than normal led grow light.

Quality control:


All of materials will be tested before receiving, 100% led light finished will be kept

for 24 hours to test its quality reliability, after it is cool will test 100% led light to see if still work well, Each light should pass all the QC procedures before shipping to customer.